Lilo Tahmasebi was born in a little german village at the first of May 1947.

She studied at the University of Arts in Berlin. Here she met Dr. Ahmad Tahmasebi. After finishing their studies, they married and lived for one year in the United States

Back in Berlin, their son Sassan was born. The Iranian Revolution created hopes of a democratic developement and after having been in opposition for a long time , Dr. Tahmasebi moved with his family to Teheran. After three years they came back to Berlin.

Lilo worked on her abstract style. Living in Spain for a while, , her paintings got more and more constructive.
She has had exhibitions in, Berlin, Washington,Dc ,Teheran and Marbella.

Lilo and her husband are still living in Berlin. Her acryl-paintings are mostly vertical and very longstretched. Recently she cuts out the painting in order to form a sculpture..She is still in love with her work and intensely creative.